Shawn Storm – Nuh Man 2 Mi Lyrics

Nuh man to mi
Nuh man to mi
Gyal alone mi a tek and pamper mi
Man a real bad man old gangalee
Mi nuh roll like Anthony

(Verse 1)
Nuh beg man nothing
SUh nuh bwoy cyaa put mi pon stunt
Nuh bwoy cyaa wash my face and mi supn
A gyal one ride pon the supn
And the c–key open

Mi nuh foot man suh nuh bwoy cyaa tell mi fi open
Mi straight like scheme
Hey bwoy yo bright and facey, wrenk like mutton
Bare fat pu–y gyal man a f–k

If dem ever put a foot in a Halfway tree square
Rise every compass, rise every t square

Mi nuh wear dress a gyal alone weave hair
Nuh man cyaa wear bwoy shorts cream hair
Another thing, when yo come in a da scheme here
A gyal alone walk in a belly skin wear

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Suh gimmi the gyal alone
Gimmi the gyal alone nuh
Gimmi the gyal alone meck mi turn dem in a porno

Gimmi the gyal alone
Gimmi the gyal alone
Gyal alone can come up ina fimi home
House party a keep, make sure gyal deh, deh, nuff
Nuff, nuff, nuff, nuff, nuff
Bare gyal a wine and a brace
Gyal yo pu–y fi a squeeze c–key like handcuff
Bend over back way meck wi ramp rough
In a the gyallis college mi a waan bruff
Gyal roll the high grade like tick and puff
A bare gyal a spin, just a spin pon buddy
My girl take time balance tan tuddy
C–key play riddim in a yo pu–y mi love hi
Any gyal nuh have no good brain
God meck Adam and Eve suh yo love hi
That mean a gyal alone come fi tek buddy
Mi nuh love man suh no bwoy cyaa call mi dem hubby
A gyal alone mi bring go cuddis

(Repeat Chorus 2X)