Patexx – So High Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Cho purple skunk or the chocolate brown smoke
Start fly cause mi naw stay a ground
From mi lungs a da way deh it sound
This too small so mi draw fi a pound
Mi no left mi lighter or Wrisler
Mi so high mi fly without visa
Honey sweet but the high grade sweeter
High melody seet yah

I cant believe that I
Am so high, am so high
When I smoke I wanna fly
An touch the sky
Touch the sky

(Verse 2)
Jam 2 Right yah now mi seh mi catchy haffi load
Draw fi the crusher R to the cutter board
High so mi chip in the smoking mode
A no perfume but the scent stink up mi clothe
If a no Archy mi a chopper
2 lbs a no nothing that watch yah
Craven A long grabber meck it hotter
The best from west smell proper

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
High like a plane
High like the birds
Am so high I can feel it paw mi nerves
High like the sun
High like the moon
And am not quitting anytime soon
High like the east
High like west
Have some hot Guinness an burn mu sess
Heart a beat fast
Pump inna mi chest
Gimmi 1 more pound just fi the ants nest

(Repeat Chorus)