Ryme Minista – Brite Yuh Too Brite (Alkaline Diss) Lyrics

When mi gi him one out a mi spinners
Him run up and down when him fi war wid the killers
Never stop flip till him flop like a slippers
Shot him a box then mi kick him wid mi kickers

Look wa the fish a do fi bread
Skull crack up like a egg
Should a piss under yo bed
Pu–y dem know the whole place a seh killers
Killers, suh any body dis a dead, dead

Yo mussi Edlamar a flash light
Mi nuh ask question fi dash weh bwoy life
Cyaa dis the teacher, bright yo too bright
Cyaa dis Adidja, bright yo too bright
Bombohole yuh nuh bad like the killer
Better watch how yuh deh talk to the ground godzilla

Cyaa dis the general, bright yo too bright
Cyaa dis the general, bright yo too bright

(Verse 1)
If yuh a try look a hype fi set yo future right
Yo fi know wa fi seh, wa fi sing, wa fi write
A shoot mi shoot bwoy, wi nuh pick and brutalize
In a real life yuh nuh bad like Foota Hype
Likkle fish in a dutty water, black eye sprat
Yo cyaa answer than f–king coward
And yo waan dis Bounty Killer and Kartel
Yo mussa waan yo whole family dead like flowers, hours

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Yo just a run down fame yuh a tv
Only ghost yo know bout a mussi ET
Yo cyaa thief mad move like wa yo do the queng
When, when mi dis him like cd
Yo cyaa tell mi bout nuh gun caw yo never hold one
Killer a the general, yea don father don
World Boss run the Gaza land
But the world know yuh a the famous batty wash man

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Mi never hold the first one
But mi hold da one yah now
Meck mi run da one yah
Gun da one yah
Done da one yah now
Mi rifle dem a fire suh power one yah now
Kill him now yo cyaa tell mi seh fi low one yah now
Nobody cyaa tell mi fi stop hi
Rise the cut off shatty and clap hi
Under the ground a man a go
Any man tek extacy and mally
Him wi touch a next man, a fish that

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)