Lisa Hyper – Try Me (Freestyle) Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Da one yah bad like ZJ Chrome
Like mi chrome don’t chrome
Like mi chrome down body
Da gyal yah nuh tek dis
And mi nuh throw fist
Yo don’t believe ask somebody
Test the water yo drunk yeah
Bound fi go down yeah
God cyaa save yo nuh squaddy
And don’t feel like a talk mi a tlak
Mi wi subtract yo time wid the chrome cause mi have hi

Suh think before yo talk
Nuh meck mi wrath
Mi born fi fight, mi born fi war
Cyaa seh mi heart cold
Mi nuh have nuh heart

Tell a bwoy or gyal try mi, try mi
Mi nuh Yankee but mi wi get grawny
And mi nuh play karate
A ZJ chrome a mi bad chargy

Tell a bwoy, a gyal try mi, try mi
Cyaa catch the shirt, mi wi catch quarky
Mi naw spear nobody
Naw left nuh witness fi talk paw mi

(Verse 2)
Call mi the equalizer, from yo bad push up yo lighter
Nuff a dem seh dem tough pon battlefield
Dem a nuh survivor
Call wi number one contender
Caw mi nuh know wa name surrender
Dem violate January, mi end dem in a December
Mi play fool fi catch wise
Act deaf when dem a meck noise
Bare people shack caw da freestyle yah tek life
Demolish everything and go hard a mi best choice
Dis mi then feel like wi a brethren a nuh red stripe
Mi rep BNS, NST
Da one yah sweet like nestly
Da exam yah hard suh nuh test me
More militant, lets see

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Mi page nuff bwoy, nuff gyal
From mi in a high school
Mi geometriset yeah a that a my tool
Try mi, yo try wrong
A better yo try cool
Yo get a one permanent
Yeah not a nine rule
A nuh April, a could a wa yo try fool
When yo si the eagle yo butterfly zone
A send threat pon instagram
But a nuh nothing fi mi sweep when mi have my broom

(Repeat Chorus)