Kiprich – Good Up Suh Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Gyal mad dem wid yo pretty car pari
Put on yo hot clothe from foreign
A di looks and di shape weh every man seh great
Meck the whole a dem waan be yo dolly
Yuh gone wid pretty looks from morning
So every weh yo go yuh every man storming
All over the world gyal yuh dem a chat bout
Big, bad, and broaling

So watch yah gyal go down suh, yuh cyaa go down suh
None a dem cyaa stop yo from go down suh
All the chat dem a chat yuh cyaa go dun
No, none a dem cyaa beat yo when yo go down so

Watch yah good up suh, gyal yo just good up suh
Yuh tek weh gyal man caw yo good up suh
Gyal all yo man haffi a tell yo seh yuh good up
Wa do some just come gyal weh a shrub up

(Verse 2)
Yuh no fraid fi tek on none a dem anyweh
None a dem cyaa move yuh from weh yuh deh
Yuh never tek back nothing at all weh yuh seh
Anything weh deh pon yo mind chat today
Yuh done tell a gyal shi no look good already
Seh shi no have no face and no shape no deh, deh
So if a war tell her ready when yuh ready
Caw yuh full a style weh a beat dem like Pelle

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
A gyal start it but yuh a finish it
Shi come a hype over man and naw benefit
Look how easy the whole a dem diminish
And every man a tell yo seh yo born wid hi girt
Wa yuh a wear yah now a yuh first brandish
Yuh a no regular girl, yo style outlawish
Gyal a yuh mi waan fi a whine paw this
Riddim that a my wish

(Repeat Chorus)