Shawn Storm – Chastity Belt Lyrics

Mi never get a gyal weh can f–k suh
Shi wine better than a gogo
I’ll never stop f–k you
Mi seet clear seh mi blind in love

Meck wi f–k pon the ground nuh
Ground nuh
F–k yo till yo pu–y burn yo, burn yo

I’ll never stop love yo
Mi heart free, still bind in love

(Verse 1)
Hold on nuh
Shi nuh f–ky, f–ky like dog
Under neat her nuh stink like morgue
Mi love when shi quint up her needle eye
Pon da c–key yah weh touch like wall
Yo trap mi suh yea you a mi boobie
Shi bubble like in a mi Jacuzzi
Pu–y fat, fat, pretty likkel coolie
Meck mi tell yo truly

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Meck mi jump roll play
Baby tic tock
Pon the tick c–k
Like the second hand deh pon the swiss clock
Toronto girls belong to Chris Rock
Waterford from first face to fift lock
Then mi bring her go
Pinocalada first thing shi order
By wi smoke half a
Wi start f–k in a the water

(Repeat Chorus 2X)