Bounty Killer & Beenie Man – Legendary Lyrics

Legendary, legendary
Legendary, legendary
Wa dem a brag bout man done that already

Wi clean and wi out
Wi swag legendary

(Verse 1)
Legendary thing nuh bwoy nuh ramp wid hi
Money man a meck round the clock wi stock the G
Take dem to school because wi stamping hi
Food dem fi know seh wi mad and bad wid hi
When it come to balling wi nuh play it’s not scrimmage
The gyal dem waan fi touch wi cause dem love wi hot image
Warlord and Doc lock from Brixton to Greenage
Beenie Man and Bounty a from start to the finish

Man a legend in the street
Man a born killer
And mi pocket si more cash than a bank teller
Man a platinum seller, open gyal umbrella
Lock down from Rockachum go to Cowchella
Bwoy dem haffi cool and chill wid the bag a aunticks
Dem nuh badder than this
Like when dem on the top dem drop and fall of cliff like avalanche’s
Mi nuh watch face a the gyal dem mi si
And mi nuh business bout another man buis
Mi nuh care who some other man is

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Legend step in the bar shell cause wi nuh buy out
Cush wi a burn a JA wi nuh haffi fly out
We set the trend weh dem come and a try out
Yo cyaa spell the business if you take the eye out
Wi nuh shake when bwoy a chat caw man nuh corner stone
Fi ghetto youths wi set the thing and tell dem gwaan a road
Killer wi being full a lyrics like when lama load
When yo si the King and the Ground Gaad a roll

(Repeat Chorus)