Christopher Martin – Yes I Can Lyrics

So I, know that I can make it
No I’ll never stop trying
No I, know that I can make it
Yes I can

(Verse 1)
Got some money in the bank but I still want more
And mi just put the zink them pon mi roof
Jah, Jah, soon meck mi tile the floor
Am working for a greater tomorrow
Even though tomorrow is not sure
Believe me this life it ain’t easy
But it’s much better than before

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Now everyday is a struggle
And every day is a fight
It’s like everyday something or someone is trying to keep me out of the light
But nothing good comes easy
Not in this game of life
But with Jah by my side, and Jah in my heart
Everything is gonna be alright

(Repeat Chorus)

Just set your goals work hard and you’ll achieve
Cause every reality was just once a dream
Even if no one believe and I believe
The world is yours for taking
Just reach out and take it

(Repeat Chorus)

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