Kiprich – Right Now Lyrics

Tell dem hi no Marcus
Naw sit down an stifle
Mi sure a da year yah
Mi a go fi my buss
Mi chest high like the tower of the ickle

Tell dem bwoy deh no come my way
Unu tell dem no come my way
Mi seh tell dem no come my way

Right now mi head hot mi naw play wid it
When yo si mi step out mi naw lay wid it
Hold mi corner no mi naw stray all out a half way
Mi a chad it every day wid it

Right now if a bwoy try stop the things
The bill poder no waan mi fi top the thing
Yuh alone fi a go the bank often
Me done wid the bag a talking

(Verse 1)
Mi foot short so mi know mi no running man
So mi know seh mi naw reach deh way deh
No pirate wah a dig dig down in sand
Unu waan dig unu can stay deh
Mi no know how fi plant field mi no farmer
Mi no the type weh depend pon mama
So when yuh si mi a road an a try stop me
Stop the K wid the banana

Mi don’t go through a bag a waste trama
Try no be no victim of no bad calmer
Mi know weh mi can do another music
So if yuh waan stop mi now a go arm yo

Mi no mason mi cyaa build house
Mi no light man cyaa climb light post
So fi do the dub plate that a my likkle rose
So if yuh want mi fi stop mi take it by force

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Straight up mi a ask wah dem waan man do
Mi a do wah God meck mi can do
Me naw take on no task wah mi cyan handle
Fi go end up in a silver bangle
Mi no know how fi rab or grab no hand bag
Caw mi no fisher man no mi no drag
If a pass chemistry fi know science lab
So mi cyan be no doctor man to

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)