Blak Diamon – Top Of Di Top Lyrics

Gaza red, when wi touch the club gyal a dead
Over the diamon gyal a beg
Seh dem waan me knock in a dem bed
All night, all day

Gyal fi get, get call night a so mi seet
Money fi a stock and pile a so mi seet
Brand new piece and gyal wi no repeat
When wi a war wi no accept defeat

Caw wi a toppa, di toppa, di top, top
Toppa, di toppa, di top, top
Gyal from all bout check mi in a yard
Waan get the blak touch the alien massage

(Verse 1)
Mi black clarks a bank robber so mi step pon dem
Every gyal waan mi so mi step pon dem
Gyal want, so shi get one then
Shi waan mi tek her friend so mi
Love off mi style waan mix mi like blem
Mi a the blak and only ten out a ten
Every gyal waan know mi, mi a the top benz
Money and girls, stay close to them

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Gaza red, mi performance up to spec
Lets keep dem in a check
One touch shi get and her whole life wreck
Shi know mi a the king in a the deck
Waan lock mi down dem put icky pon neck
The way how mi a gwaan dem put sticky pon chest
Alien abduction no gyal no left
When mi done the gyal dem rate mi as the best

(Repeat Chorus)