Navino – Teflon Don Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Teflon don bad badman John go hi
9×19 badman got hi
Kill informer could a ball or natty
Have a tall piece a shatty pop it off pon a ratty
Gunshot meck head skin out like ackee
RIP wi meck nough dead body
No chat, no talk mi no tek from nobody
Hard hears and stubborn, real bad somebody
Mi head sick yeh, mi psycho
The grico wi live inside yo
No haffi have gun buss throat mi knife yo
So easy mi tek yo life so
F–k around in a yo own a blood yo drown
Shot a knock in a yo ears like sound a surround
Spain town a mi home
Everybody know dem no run up town clown

From bwoy fi dead him a goner
Copper a go fall, a lone funeral
Momma a bwal wooy, momma a bwal

(Verse 2)
Wi no tell bwoy stick up and freeze
Bwoy body get sting up like beas
Rifle like these sing like Japanese
Meck Mommy scream out and wet are panties
Execution bwoy begging on knees
One in a head brain blow wid the breeze
Mack 11 full a Lebanon steels
Talk dem a talk dem never si no gun like these
No care weh dem live mi ready fi shell down hi
Broad middle day blood mi wi run hi
No laughing thing no think a Bugs Bunny
Chatty mouth get shot in a throat turn domby

Tell dem wi no play
F–k around and yo dead
Bullet in a head yeeah

(Repeat Chorus)