Di Genius – Carry On Lyrics

(Verse 1)
A nough time it hard in a the Gideon
Tough in a the struggle
Nough time mi feel like give up
Nough time it feel like the world turn against mi
But mi know Jah, Jah, is with us
Banjo, we know the father naw give wi no burden that wi cyaa bear
So wi still give thanks for life
Although sometime it feel so unfair

Everybody have to face problem
And everybody have to face trouble
Everybody waan strive and meck it in a life
Everybody have to work and hustle

We know seh life ain’t easy
Wi know seh you have to stay strong
Jah alone can meck wi carry on

(Verse 2)
So no bother vex when things naw go your way
Yow ghetto youth no stop pray
Cause life a no joke, a no game like put and play
Things will be better one day
Wa mi say, don’t be ungrateful
Show respect to the father
Because once we have life
Member seh everything else a braughter

(Repeat Chorus 3X)