(Verse 1)
Ten steps higher
Some bwoy seh dem heart clean dem a lire
Meck yo girlfriend roll weed pon a flyer
If me gang my team man fire
Keep it real to the wire
Wi nuh tek talk, wi nuh tek buyers
Blow smoke to the most high higher
Wi a frequent flyer
Some bwoy smoke busy weed dem a fryers
Enemies follow we like tires
Why dem waan stop the dream
Mi nuh beg friend, mi nuh follow
Some bwoy seh dem hot
And a pop dem own calla
Mi a meck my dollars

Watch yah, look who dem a run follow
Dem a run down, dem a run down, dem a run down
Mi cyaa bother, mi cyaa bother

Watch yah, look who dem a run follow
Dem a run down, dem a run down, a just hype baba
A just hype brother

(Verse 2)
Dem a last year hotness
Ricky Blaze, me and him woman a lock this
Wi nuh know wa dem a practice
Cyaa get nuh gyal suh nuff a dem a back fist
Si yo pon the top list
Travel all bout and yo know wi a nuh tourist
Look paw mi chain and mi watch
A nuh any money can afford this
We lock clubs when money and everything come to wi
Wi a lock down every shows and every gyal come si mi
Wi a get Tina, Sheeka, Lisa and Patricia
Why you mad because yo gyal friend tell mi
Seh shi want a 3 some

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Some a dem just love chat
While dem a chat fi wi catalog stay hot
Yo waan know wi address
Wi live pon the charts cause yo know seh wi always stay hot
Cramis and platinum placks
Open many door yeah wi have this tongue pop
Caroline a call mi boombastic
Now every girl waan know mister hot shot
Always waan fi do over seas by every continent, country and island
Hard working people surround mi
Believe mi failure is not a option
Or even attraction, guarantee satisfaction
The cold cyaa freeze mi, no one cyaa seize mi
Believe mi go easy, a me name Shaggy

(Repeat Chorus 4X)