Timberlee – Shmurda Lyrics

(Verse 1)
I flow hard like my mans d–k
Dope and drastic
Tell a hater quit Jah, Jah, bless this
I teach a broke bi— how to get rich
Watch me meck my money flip like a mattrash
You godda pay to watch me on the netflix
I keep my pu–y wetter than a french kiss
Only ni–er getting in my mouth is my dentist
Leave these bi—es hanging on like my had less

And even when they hate I know they love mi though
LMR pro told me how that go
Bit– if you got a problem you should let me go
Ni–as searching for my pu–y like a pit a gold
Brain so good got that honor roll
And I keep my lyrics rock call that tune a rolls
Sushi raw, why every ni–er try to f–k me though
Every ni–er really try to be my Romio
Making music, getting money till I cash out
And then mi f–k mi man until him pass out
Run a dutty gyal, nuff a dem a crab blouse
And if you bad mind get up out my damn house
Bag it up, I want it all am taking everything
Meck mi tell you this Chris Matic him naw go trim
One man to mi pu–y like Gaza Slim
Mi gi dem a Junior Gang mi go suh
All you bi—es show me what you living in
Fly me to Jamaica f–k up the Caribbean
No bag a chatting mi a kill dem wid the action
Dem a watch, dem a pree, dem a chat but dem nuh certain
Five star tell dem we are
Dutty badmind dem naw go reach far
Mi lost the f–ker dem right after the first bar
F–king around so visas bi— I got my green card
Cause am o get this money sunny, rain or snow
Am a how much money close am never letting go
Go tell all my haters they can go and catch a stroke
You see that Phantom outside that’s my ride to go
Am naturally glowing
The rest of them greasy
Di man dem seh mi body well shampoo squeaky
Am the only one that get the job done believe me
Go hard like Wayne Marsh

(Repeat Chorus)