Deablo – Profile Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Button up shirt, straight jeans, timberland
Road runner ever clean cold like Switzerland
Balling like Jordan the tall man
Gyal call mi the Gorgan like Ninjaman

Hot sexy gyal wid a real big bottom
Seh shi love mi from the day shi buck mi pon instagram
Call mi the governor, the frossbox
The gyal dem out a road love mi flipping patton

Gyal a seh shi love mi style and shi love mi profile
Every clean, every cool, every fresh so fly
Oh my, shi look in a mi brow eyes
And shi start get dizzy like shi pon a boat ride

So fly seh shi nah tell no lie
Seh shi have a one man but shi waan roll by
Oh my the gyal dem a get wild
Bruk out fi mi gyal and tip up pon the door point

(Verse 2)
Wi meck gyal lose dem brain and start illusenate
Gyal a seh mi hotter than the oven use fi bake
Size Ten seh gyal a run him down like sleepy chase
Gyal from England ticket shi a book fi Jayds
Every single day different gyal go through mi gate
Fatty big foot, yuh no waan mi help her lose the weight

True yo gyal waan date mi, yo hate mi
But don’t hate the player a yo woman yuh fi hate

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Gyallis from birth when I was a junior
Mi mother seh the gyal dem use to fight fi mi suda
Every man in a mi team straight like ruler
Mi no spar wid no fish no baracuda
Bay gyal a run down lalofat a cura
Fi one voice the gyal dem a spread it like a rumor
Gyal dem cyaa get mi out dem head yah too mad
Dem waan leep paw mi like the sign fi the puma

(Repeat Chorus

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)