Laden – Money Mi A Pree Lyrics

Today mi get up and a pree how fi meck a couple G’s
So mi meck a cup of tea
Then mi meck a couple spree
Sell a couple key money
Steppa lock up me
A so mi get the money fi tek care a fi mi family

Man a hustle hard
Pon da muscle yah
Money weh mi waan fi put in a duffle yah
Roll out pon the R6 no muffler
Enemy when yo si mi, mi seh don’t shuffle yah

(Verse 1)
Cause a the bwoy money him owed mi hi no
Him owed mi right through the four season
Money him owed mi from before mi know Steven
Money meck mi cyaa afford a ford vehicle
A no me alone money owed poor people
If yo naw talk money mi and yo wont reason
Money a the root of lone evil
Yet still wi want the money through the four season

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Caw we want the money every second
Only thing wi deh pon
Money in a mi right hand mi seh some in a the left hand
From yuh seh war mi seh money a mi weapon
Money a mi best friend, money a mi second
Me and money no fi in a no malice
Mi want the money tree wid the gliz a grow pon it
Straight Luise V so mi roll caw mi have it
Lone Hennessy wid Rose Mouet a sip

(Repeat Chorus)