I-Octane – Any Bwoy Lyrics

Jones Avenue, black man
Dem think seh a clothe deh in a the wash pan
Delavaga to Baston
Portmore, wi no sissy, wi a badman

Wi tell any bwoy
In a life wi a quenger
So any bwoy weh feel like dem a sheller
Wi nuh carry license fi dem yah
And five O never find none under seller

Any bwoy in a life wi a quneger
So any bwoy weh feel like dem a sheller
Cho, wi no carry license fi dem yah
And yuh fi know wi no hide none under seller

(Verse 1)
A couldn’t mad people yuh a call vagina
Bat a fly like Sobina
Wi no care weh yo come from
Who yo stand up side a
Cyaa tell mi go love my ma
Cause we find way dim hi anyweh
Yo could a skill like Mogiva
Worst when mi tug neither
Thing dem a spit but no feel seh a saliva
Cho wi no left survivor

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Yo no si seh a wrong set a man dem go war wid
Worst when dem soft like porridge
Caw anywhere wi go wi carry it
Wi spar wid the thing just like seh wi married
Wi a stay wild and done
Done seh wi naw tek nuh style and done
From yo dis it no meck sense yo hide and done
All when dem a fire like five hand gun

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus)