Christopher Martin – Steppin’ Razor Lyrics

Their trying to figure out just how I do it
And from the corner of their eyes
They watch me through it
And why as soon as I arrive
A room full of girls get energize
They can sadom in their minds
Why girls flop to mi every time

Am like a walking razor
Don’t you watch my size
Am dangerous, dangerous
Yea man a stepping razor
Girls love my style

And dangerous, dangerous
They get addicted to my vibe
A make dem feel so good inside
Intoxicated by my smile
These girls fall in no time

(Verse 1)
A tell you they love my company
Now ladies love to be next to me
If they are down and am around
I am the remedy
Always in their memories
I get dem smiling from the start
Self esteem blow through the chart
And compliments start flying
Am not even trying
But I always win their hearts

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Am dangerous
Oh yea they know it
Girls love me for me and they show it
Am dangerous speeding bullet
Party no nice until wi pass through it
Am dangerous check my file
Bring out my history, scan my profile
Girls are drawn to mi all the while
My style it wicked, it wicked, it wicked

(Repeat Chorus 2X)