Teflon – Run Di Place Lyrics

(Verse 1)
The people tired fi si dem
A me the fans dem a ask fa
Left it give dem and then dem meck it get fracture
Dutty bad mind nuh ask weh mi come back fa
Tell dem seh sign the music mi come back fa
Who mi hear tek nine box dem a actor
Tell dem nuh play round, no ramp wid no rasta
A nuh sweet corn wi have up in a dem sox yah
Link Rocka Peen meck him line up a boxer
Tek bwoy place and dem cyaa come back fa
B13 cyaa run inna a tractor
Fi tek mi space that dem bwoy deh a plot fa
Thing in a mi jeans that the girls dem a flock fa
Dem weak like dem catch the Gunya tell dem go doctor
Mi lock it like padlock or mockla
Hey that hot
Foot pon the gas wa dem go meck mi touch the naz fa
Lengths man a gi dem when some bwoy a relaxer
Mi glad mi come back fi the music mi a the rapture
All now dancehall no have a big sponsor
Fi rise up the thing well a that mi response fa
2014 some artist thing anchor

Seh dem a run the place mi no si that
A just dem likkle friend meck dem feel hot
Mi hear Kartel a play and him still hot
And the don deh a jail look like dem fi got
Like dem left dem brain in a dem big hot
But him a run road and him still hot
Zink fence thing loud, everything lock
A the joy weh under love bring back

(Verse 2)
Some bwoy got money fi spend
But no song fi spin
From mi teacher lost dem wid song fi kill
Dem cyaa find no words a some crampy thing
Weh the fans naw feel and take long fi sing
Mi nuh in a the candle thing
Rather link Skinner dem and go crank the thing
Cause a we meck police dem cyaa land the thing
If a nuh common wi a walk or bay land mi thing
California mi roll in a handy thing
Own beach front like mi a Handy Chin
Run up unuh mouth cyaa get weh from mi thing
Dion Jackson or handle thing

(Repeat Chorus)