Tommy Lee Sparta – Grinding Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Mi got the 20 20 vision
Mi a see so clear
I can see these haters from a mile away
But am grinding
Got no time for you ni–ers
Am grinding

But warn some pu–y still
And let dem know nuh tek mi fi no clown
Got dem self staring down in the barrel a mi gun
Got my hand pon my 9 and mi finger pon mi chigger
Let dem know mi no hesitate fi kill a f–king ni–er

Mi nuh too talk badness that mi nuh preach
Any bwoy violate gunshot a reach
Wi lyrics and speech
Mi no too like talk when mi gun dem speak
Dem seh mi fall off
But mi no know
Still a do mi shows
Still a shoot mi videos

They say I sold my soul and I could told you
They say f–k you to my face and I f–k you to
Am grinding, got no time for you ni–ers
Am grinding

Am rising in this thing like the morning sun
When mi touch pon the road wid mi bloodclaat gun
Am grinding, mother f–kers am grinding

(Verse 1)
Some bwoy get out fo order
No worry bout a f–king thing yo table will be serve
Tonight yo dine wid the bloodclaat purl
6 feet deep in a bloodclaat hole
Mi nu warn bwoy in a song
Meet dem pon the road and a gun dem down
Pu–y dem fi know mi a mad f–king maniac
Nardabeng warn dem meck dem know mi idiot

Gun dem a buss like a bloodclaat drum
Bullet chase bwoy and a gun dem down
Mi nuh give a f–k who yo is, where yo from
Bwoy dem no waan si mi a transform
When the demon rise and satan a run
Worst than a 100 Taliban

(Repeat Chorus 2X)