Busy Signal – Party Everyday Lyrics

Yow Jah know seh
Busy work all day
Now it’s time for me to play

From the week start wi a work round the clock no ease off
A full time fi wi free up an cool it off
Hot head

(Verse 1)
Thank God a Friday
Mi a get pay this morning
The little food haffi share up
Mi pickiny an mi bills that is the first thing
Then mi call up mi linky dem
Tell dem tonight mi a buy drink
Got money in a mi pocket
Man a gyallis mi link wid the girls ever since
Love when the gyal dem a bubble a gwaan
Gwaan wine gyal turn mi on
Shi look mi mi look are back
Mi a link pon Skype a me the bee contact
Gyal mi love the way yuh hostile it
Hot and sexy yuh just cyan hide it
When yo do this everyday
Let the music play

We gonna party, have a drinks caw wi feeling good
No need to worry
Just living up like you should
Yeh eh hea, yeh eh hea
Cause we gonna party yea, party yea

(Verse 2)
Mi girlfriend a call mi
Mi know seh shi want mi come home
Mi look pon are name when it come up
But mi no waan answer the phone
Caw mi no waan left da vibe yah
Mi an mi friends a hang out tonight yah
Right yah now seh the guggleings nice
Buss a blank in a the air big up the selector

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus 2X)