Alkaline – Give Thanks Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Pu–y hole when yuh a go a yo rass yard
Yo mother send yuh fi go school
No fi go floss dawg
Unless yo battery dead no bother hold no charge dawg
Tan deh follow friend si if yuh no end up down a morgue dawg
Yo no love gun like mi listen when mi talk dawg
Fi fire shot nice, but fi get shot lick hard, hard
Nuff things mi learn from bomboclaat dawg
For mi naw tell yuh no f–kery
Wi badness yuh haffi smart dawg

Good life out there fi live and a no lie, no lie
No beas a pitch paw yuh, yuh just a fire fly
Yo cyaa afford fi go jail, yo cyaa afford fi die
No live yo life carelsee, no follow Alkaline

Fi life give thanks fi life
No dash weh yo life youth protect yo life
Give thanks fi life, yo fi give thanks fi life
Fi have money cyaa done, nothing no suh nice

Give thanks fi life, give thanks fi life
Hi dearest car dem mi waan fi drive
Nah dash weh mi life, nah dash weh mi life
Mi rather kill mi self than commit suicide

(Verse 2)
Easy yo self yo waan turn big man too fast, fast
A wa yo get hype true yo piss start fi burn grass
Yo no too bright suh why the hell yo waan fi burn class
If yuh know weh good fi yuh
Skull mister Smith and Wesson class
Take out yo pen and yo paper learn this yah lesson fast
Yo never kill nobody yet yo cyaa give mi no talk
How yo fi waan bad up the gyal fi her private part
Gwaan go give back the girl her pu–y because yuh never ask
No meck mi haffi get mad paw yuh mi tired fi talk
Mi nuh waan do yo nothing, do no get mi wrath, mi wrath
When liquor reach yo, yuh bruk up a no fross yo fross
Humble yo self likkle youth man have yo interest at heart

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Fi yuh go dead that dem waan fi si
The whole a dem sit down and chat, and laugh yo si
Long time mi know seh dem no care yo si
Humbleness fi yo dead before Jah appear yo si
All mi a seh just gwaan dweet hi nuh
And mi know yo head mad dawg but just go easy nuh
Young girl watch yo self in a the street hi nuh
Mi no seh no fi f–k but don’t breed hi nuh

(Repeat Chorus 2X)