Mavado – Hotter Than Bread Lyrics

A mussi true mi hotter than bread in the oven
A me pop off the tag paw mi clothe dem
F–k the enemies and the foes dem
F–k the ones dem now and before dem

(Verse 1)
Right now, mi still a live, mi still a live
Dem nuh waan mi wake up but mi still a live
Dem waan mi dead, but mi still a live
Vex yo cyaa si mi lie in a fridge
If a aids test, mi negative
If a success mi positive
And mi born pon the Gully tell you as it is
Wid allot a con man sell you as it is

Mi and mi brother Steve use to sleep pon the floor
Nuff ghetto youth still a sleep paw floor
Long, long, before me even come tour
Long, long, before me even come tour

Mi grand mommy use to take mi to church
And a tell mi fi God mi fi search
And mi enemies nuff but mi friends dem more
Seh bug dem

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
And mi seh f–k who a hate mi nuh lose a pound
And if yo try fi violate you wi lose yo crown
When the pit bulls out and the dawgs dem hound
Lord mama sun gone down
Man wi hunt dem anywhere dem found
A mad rass mi a king fi the town

When the bomb dem drop dem think a the drum
Dem know mi, real boss pon the track don’t think a the clown
From mi rise pon the top dem gone pon the ground
Every song shot suh mi leave dem wound
Man a left the place dutty suh mi left dem broom
If am not the greatest then am born to be
Check mi lyrical currency
Dem bwoy deh a counterfeit

(Repeat Chorus)