Navino – You A Di Best Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Wine up yo body from yo know you a the best
Never less gyal yo body ever bless
Mi no care if hi boney or full a flesh
From hi tight a the best
Gyal meck yo batty jump up like seh it happy
Like how yo breast them stiff and no floppy
No bwoy never ever, ever, f you fi no patty
Buss a wine fi Navi

Meck up yo face to the horny wine
Gyal horny wine
Gyal go paw yo head do the horny wine
Gyal hear the drum deh, wine and go down
Like seh a down deh yo pum pum put down
Tip paw yo tow, then yo wine then sit down

Wine up yo body like seh yo waan f–K
Sit down pon it till my buddy bruk
Go paw yo head but mine yo neck bruk
In a bed you no give dead f–K

(Verse 2)
On your mark, get set go
Wine fi mi gyal, how fast can you go?
Bring it down then yo bring it up slow
One drop fi mi then yo tip paw yo toe
Gyal, wine fi mi like carnival
Drop pon the ground like animal
Meck up yo face like you horny gyal

(Repeat Chorus)