Masicka – Story Teller Lyrics

(Verse 1)
This man unseal everything level
Walk down pon him wid a 3 5 7
Though up him face like real live devil
Badman a go a hell, christian a reach heaven
Buss throat like goat mi nuh joke knife devil
Me a criminal, mi gyal a bloodclaat rebel
Never dis, mi tell her fi me never
Shi set up him life wid the 12 gage pebble

Murder dem, mi roll out wid a vehicle a shatter
Jamie jump out watch people a scatter
Put up him hand weh yo feel seh a chopper
A move like seh yo skin tougher than copper
Mi rougher than nuff a dem pu–y yow a chatter
Head shot close range meck brain placka, placka
Man kick off yo door, him a run mi seh watch yah
Empty mi gun whole place chacka, chacka

A story teller dem
Caw dem naw kill nobody
Dem a killer friend

And anywhere mi si yo mi a laught that
In front a everybody yo drop flat

A story tell dem
Stop chat, fat shot

(Verse 2)
Long time mi a bad pu–y hole tell yo gyal that
Yo try prove seh yo bad funeral that
Mi buy mi gun, mi nuh bad off a man strap
Anytime that rise, anytime man drop
One knock, man a dead pon spot
Mi know mi gun like mi bloodclaat hand back
And that naw stick pon none a dem
Rise up mi gun again, ann buss dem head

(Repeat Chorus 3X)

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