Iyara – Death Before Dishonor Lyrics

(Verse 1)
When we killer go fi people wi duppy people
No need entourage fi do the evil
Gun dem fit up like figgle dem no feeble
The eagle wi juck out yo eye like a needle
Night and day man a prole the road
Big matic wid clip overload
Camouflage shatter in a solder mood
Full a gun like mi own the force
Body feel fit and ready fi any mission
Weh the grisson? Drop it in a this hand
Insert the clip, meck a check
The slap in back the clip
And firerer no fool to no weapon
Mi no know bout unuh but a killings mi deh pon
Gunshot mi recon, fly through yo chest, and yo neck
And that a weh yo get from the right
Suh just imagine the left hand

Death before dishonor
Rifle waving like banner
Bwoy a bwal out fi dem mamma
Mi release the f–king hammer

Death before dishonor
Shot a wrinch but a no spanner
Bwoy a bwal out fi dem mamma
Mi release the f–king hammer

(Verse 2)
Stain dem and still a move humble
Unknown like mi come from jungel
Mi nuh haffi group dem up, fi shoot dem up
Yet still wi kill dem in a bundle

Mi gone back in a darker room
Banana clip favor half a moon
Bwoy a get head shot
Suh over Dovecot mix up the mata soon
Squeeze hi marrow fly
Somebody die, news a spread
Yo hear and cry
Reacher by, brother there
Fish a fry, yo think a lie

Now the place get hot
Cops deh pon the block
Eyes deh pon the watch
Mi life mi naw go gi weh that

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)