Strong Support For Jah Vinci In French Guiana

Resurgent Dancehall artiste Jah Vinci was in top form over the weekend at a concert in South America. Billed as headliner for the ‘Le Mega Mouv’ at the Blue Rock in Saint Laurent, French Guiana the ‘Watch Yuh Friends’ singer delivered one of his most memorable performances thrilling the hundreds in attendance with an arsenal of songs from his growing catalogue.

Backed by the very experience ‘Live Wyah Band’ out of Jamaica Jah Vinci showed growth and maturing during his set, occasionally taking time out to interact with the patrons as he took them on a musical journey. Other noteworthy acts included local stars Nikko, Rickman, Faya Wowia and Jamaica’s own Demarco.

Following the concert Jah Vinci promulgate that he was very pleased with his performance and thanked the patrons for their continuous support throughout the years.

“As you may be aware I have faced some challenging times in recent years but it’s moments like these that keeps me going. The fans came out and showed a lot of support for my music and that within itself is enough to keep me motivated and continue doing good music.” – Jah Vinci told members of the French media during an interview.

Since his emergence six years ago Jah Vinci has always demanded the significant attention of the music industry with his pristine vocals and thought provoking lyrics that resonate with fans and continue to boosted his career globally with the delivery of hits such as ‘Wipe Those Tears’, ‘All I Need’, ‘Mama Love’ and ‘Watch You Friends’.