Zamunda – Never Forget [New Music]

How me fi go fit get weh mi come from
How me fi go fit get weh mi come from
Mi still live amongst mi family dem a St. Ann
Me was a man yuh depend on

How me fi go fi get weh mi born and grow
Fi member the travel fox weh gimmi the corn toe
And the peter shorts weh every minute haffi sow
Mi a tell yuh weh mi know

(Verse 1)
Remember when mi and Saker dem use to beat the bench dem in a the classroom
Remember when mi hold the first note in a mi bathroom
Member when mi kill mi brethren wrong move gone too soon
True mi use to stammer mi never use to get no girl in a school
Mi friend dem did a laugh but to me it wasn’t cool
And nuff time in a class room yo know mi bruk the rool
When mi use to sell sassy and push it under the stool

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
The first time mi star lox mi link the biker pon the banks
Old school mi father drape mi up and shot mi couple box
Fargo and Doctor Dre a run mi down a chase mi like a fox
Richie Kaya gimmi the bitters fi cure mi chicken pox
All before music mi can decrep weh mi did a do
Down a ghetto mi did deh a learn trade wid Buju
Then mi go a reggae trail go link up Cashew
And him seh yuh haffi buss caw dem no bad like a yuh

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
2008 left May pen touch back a St. Ann
Seh every posters mi waan fi si mi picture pon
In a the old shop mi an go deh a write song
And people a pass and a seh wi a mad man
Mi never follow dem wi just stick to the plan
Remember when Chuggy Zook him gimmi the first grand
Seh youth gwaan a studio yo have ambition
Remember when mi link up stone and voice mi first number one

(Repeat Chorus)