Alkaline – Grave Dem A Go Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Lets talk about a place
Where you can streatch out yo foot and relax
Single room alone, nice likkle area pon the flats
Own convenience everything a weh yo got
Well except with dining yuh and the worm dem work out that

A place where all a yo problem and worries stop
Nice community yo neighbors hardly even chat
All yo need fi do a disrespect fi get a spot
And yo get something fi carry wid yuh
Yuh can call it said chat

The whole a dem a f–king idiot
Mi know dem waan do mi supn but dem nuh brave hi nuff
No matter wa mount a supple-gen yo have a boost yuh up
Mi 3 star still a go meck sure seh dem nuh have the guts

No bother feel a suh it a guh go
Yo cyaa dis Satan or Bally hi nuh
From yo dis a down in a the grave yuh a guh go
Yuh haffi guh live in a the place

Down in a the grave dem a guh go
Grave dem a guh go
Grave hi nuh

Down in a the grave dem a guh go
Grave dem a guh go
Grave hi nuh

(Verse 2)
Dog dead a kin dem teeth
And a same suh yuh wi dead yours
Worst how yo tek mi thing fi joke that meck it worst
Gwaan laugh and si if yuh nuh end up in a the dirt
Mi a go dead wi laugh when the rifle shot dem a burst
When mi a come fi yuh meck sure yo si mi first
So easily the dawgs dem nam yo food before it serve
Mi bury yo, bury yo seven foot under the dirt
Down to yo family dem never know a suh yuh down to earth

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus 2X)