Munga – Da Year Ya Lyrics

I don’t know why some bloodcl*** people just bad mind suh
Dem spend dem time fi wish the worst
Meanwhile wi striving for the best
All wi aiming for is greatness
Hill top nah accept no less

Da year yah
A da year yah
Da year yah
MOney haffi meck da year yah

A da year yah
Da year yah
Da year yah
Moeny haffi stop from share

The everyday cost of living mi fear a
Ask every street, every block, every area
Dem a seh a da year yah
Da year yah
Da year yah
Turn up mi voice more clearer

(Verse 1)
Areo Sella from Bristan and talk now
Westland and a hustling wi naw stop from
While bad mind dem a chat and a watch man
Mickey Jakes lock down east London
Badmind cyaa stop the laws anointed
Telavis meck it Mickey wi appointed
Poppine wi never have nothing
Now iw pant’s seem dem straight and the booth dem pointed

Well a could a pounds or keys man a hustle fi the G’s
Outside could a freeze, man a hustle fi the G’s
Like rat pon cheese, man a hustle fi the G’S
Whole a west, south, north and east

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
More money haffi meck this year, this year
Nobody cyaa tek mi share, mi share
Ready fi the road prepare, prepare
Dem badmind out deh suh beware, beware
Mi have anything mi waan no care fi gear
House pon the hill up a Belvadear
Bike fi ride out and benz fi steer
Ben Sherman mi friends fi wear
Vikes dem higher than coaster
Cause our mother haffi live like Portia
Wid shofa in a Benz and Beemer and Porch
Stand peipe Saturday can suffer? no sah

(Repeat Chorus)