Jill Scott Nude Photos Hacked & Leaked, Her Response Priceless

Jill Scott is among dozens of celebrities whose private photos were hacked on Apple iCloud and leaked online.

Jill Scott is now a trending topic of Twitter after several partially nude photos of her hit the net.

The soul singer confirmed that one of the photos circulating is her but another is not her.

“I def took the 1st pic w/ a robe; weight loss chronicle but the 2nd, sorry freaks, is not me. I wish I had that space between my thighs,” Jill Scott wrote on Twitter.

She then sent off a series of tweets condemning those who leaked her photos.

Several celebrities iCloud account have been hacked this week and several embarrassing photos leaked online including big name stars such as Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and Ariana Grande.

The FBI is investigating the case.