Ryme Minista – All War Ova Lyrics

Wi a go murder dem
Kill dem in a style
Heart get black mi skull a bubble
Like a f–king pot a boil
When wi left dem place only magic left and fly
Fully f–king wild

Rifle longer than a cobra
Bwoy just a fraut like a coco cola soda
It’s all over, all war over
Mad, mad, move everything get run over

Beat it like JDF military soldier
Nothing cyaa save yuh not even Nova Scotia
All war over, everything over
Jamie, dem a simple run over

(Verse 1)
From mi want yo life mi nuh business anywhere yuh deh
Caw mi and mi gun a come fi it
Bout dem bad, bad mi bombobloodclaat
None a dem nuh bad a bloodcleet
Run in a him house catch him nice and neat
When him and him girlfriend wrapped up under sheet
No man no wake him meck him done sleep
As him open up him eye suh the 4 5 beat
Mi lock it back neat wid a rose and reit
Close range in a forehead meck 4 corn beat
Kill informer meck foe start peep
And kill anybody mi si morn and weep
Burn down board house, boom down concrete
None a mi rifle nah jam, nah seized
All a mi gun dem oil and grease
When mi fire shot fi month, and days, and weeks

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Hey Jamie all a mi gun dem come from over seas
None a dem nuh local
And mi never itch fi squeeze and meck the rifle release
And sing like vocal
And mi know wa fi do fi meck the bloodclaat war done now
Like when a bill total
Run out, murder 4 man, 4 gyal
Suh mi deal wid it wicked and brutal
Nothing cyaa move everybody haffi neutral
Dub tape teh weh crime as usual
Suh mi rise up the 52 gyal
And spray the place like Stitchy Dugal
Yeh, from mi gun in a mi hand mi walk go anywhere
Dem know seh mi crucial
Dem a pu–y in a badman place
Dem a coward, wi bad from wi rutal

(Repeat Chorus)