Voicemail x Konshens x Ding Dong – Shampoo (Remix) Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Yow mi swag buck like a cow
And mi nuh know how
Yow Creg, mi nah tell nuh lie
Every gyal waan try look in a mi eye
And mi nuh have pretty eye
Shi just wanna get a likkle close
Caw the cans dem hot like a toaster
Link the party commissioner
Wi so clean wi no need conditioner

When yo si mi shampoo
Everytime mi sip shampoo
When yo si mi shampoo
Shampoo mi a rep, shampoo
Everything wa? Shampoo
Everything well shampoo
Gyal dem love mi smell shampoo
Everyday mi go out everything shampoo

(Verse 2)
Everything a shampoo this, shampoo that
Shampoo house, shampoo car
Shampoo that, shampoo shirt
Shampoo hat, Shampoo kitch
Shampoo chain, shampoo watch
My girl shampoo when wi shampoo flex
Ex girl hug mi up and shi shampoo vex
Konshens just send a shampoo text
Hey Vreg explain yo shampoo yes

Meck mi tell yo this
Me wear mi clothe, mi clothe no wear me
Straight button up or a clean white tea
Pants fi cut off roll above the knee
Fashion to mi heart suh stay deh gwaan pree
Shampoo a the elements suh get this clear
Fashion award win that year to year
Wa meck the gyal dem love wi draw near
Cause wi ever shampoo I swear

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Mi have fashion in yaw well lock
Get that?
Till dead party wi med lock
Who set the trends weh yo just lock
Voicemail have the thing tact
Now check the streets a who a set the fashions trends a road
Now check mi instagram 6 months ago
Now gwaan go check yo wall jobe

Before dem come out mi a kill dem
Cons paw mi feat mi a kill dem
Jordans well neat mi a kill dem
Yo no seet mi a kill dem
Facebook and go tweet mi a kill dem
Easy in the street mi a kill dem
Even if mi repeat mi a kill dem
Shampoo yo seet, mi kill dem

(Repeat Chorus 2X)