Gyptian – Gyallis Story Lyrics

Gyal dem a run mi down
Dem love how mi meck dem come in a mi room
Dem no hesitate
When it come to di gyallis thing mi never late

(Verse 1)
Hey di gyal dem waan mi, tell mi how dem need mi
Hey di gyal dem a talk bout me is like a story
Hey di gyal dem a feel mi out
Tell mi mi fi come live in a dem house
But mi is a man wa have mi own
That’s why mi naw meck no gyal lock mi down
Because mi have gyal everywhere mi tun
Everyweh mi go mi haffi get a bingo
The gyal dem always a run mi down so
A tell mi that Gyptian mi waan fi touch yuh
The gyal dem love how mi natty it black an clean
The gyal dem love how gyptian lock down di scheme
Anyweh mi go a my name di gyal dem a scream
A seh oh Gyptian si mi here

The gyal dem love mi up
Anyweh mi go dem haffi hug mi up
Everything about mi dem write it out
The gyal dem seh dem haffi hug me, thug me, thug me up
Dem love mi up, dem foot up in di sky yes mi put it up
Real moaning dem shuffle up
Like Deco so mi have gyal pocking up wooy

(Verse 2)
Man a gyallis fi true
Mi naw no good mi no fool like you
Yuh haffi get di gyal dem if yuh a true
So yuh a gone from yo in a yo school
That’s why no gyal no rate yuh

Seh man a gyallis from morning much less a evening
Anyweh mi go mi name dem calling
Some bwoy wonder how mi so bright but mi still a do my thing

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Seh man a gyallis fi real
If yo think seh a lie straight forward yo girl a go feel
Simplishi mi a go steal away from yuh and meck yuh run down a ball to
Mi take weh any girl caw man a girl smuggler
Your wife but to me she’s a bubblier
Have dem in a control
Have Gyal a do everything mi waan dem fi do

(Repeat Chorus)