Ryme Minista – Badness Lyrics

Rifle rise and beat in a face
Tek mi time and dweet
Mi nuh dweet in a hace
A we run badness
Anywhere mi put mi two foot a madness
Hear mi nuh Chris Genius
A nuff duppy deh pon the gun weh me buss
Look how mi tell dem fi gwaan and leave us
Never believe us still mi get evilous

Mi mash up people like a accident
3 5 seh fi lock a bwoy oxygen
A we a run the bloodlcaat place
Dem haffi run weh like the red plate accident
So any bwoy mi si a board box fi dem
When mi step out a me alone mi nuh ask fi friend
Berita tek yo picture, death fit yo
No bother feel seh mi work wid the paparazzi dem

(Verse 1)
One by one yeh, likkle by likkle
Now did nuh left man fi cripple
Me buss one in a yo face rubber grip
Hi nuh sipple
Squeeze it like mi gyal nipple
Forward paw yo endz like a baller a dribble
And si 3 a dem sit down and a laugh and a giggle
Bomboclaat da murder yah a tripple
A ten floor all a mi cell dem sickle

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi naw play murder fi murder
Shrub out yo friend
None a mi friend cyaa dead back
Cut bwoy throat just like a bread back
Then 3 5 7 buss out him head back
Mi turn the place inn a one sheet a ply
Meck everybody haffi get flat
Family haffi pack up and pack
Not even da gyal ves deh can defend that

(Repeat Chorus)