Romain Virgo – Encore Lyrics

Body good and her skin clean
Shi have a man but him a move lean
Meck mi tell yuh bout the girl
Girl rave in a mi scheme

(Verse 1)
Mi and her live on the same block
Never exchange words, wi never chat
Seh shi nuh deal wid artist
Couldn’t deal wid artist caw the whole a wi a crap
But 4:00 in a the morning when mi hear mi door a knock
Wonder if a gunman out deh, wonder if a cop
Jump from mi bed and peep through the key lock
Nuh she that

Shi step in without mi consent
In a laundry wi transparent
Shi seh nuh tell nobody but mi haffi touch yo body
And the reason why

That’s why shi come over
Shi come over
Shi tired a the boyscout thing suh shi need a soldier

Hardcore lover
Shi nah hold out no longer
Shi seh Romain trust mi
Mi waan yo deal wid it roughly

Suh shi come over
Shi come over
Then shi come over

(Verse 2)
Shi seh every night shi hear mi
It have her thinking daily
Tonight shi waan fi know if mi is a good performer
Shi alone in a mi audience
Performance get intense
Have her sweating just like Asana
When mi touch her shi scream out
A nuh baritone shi a dream bout
Stand innovation and more
Shi need encore

(Repeat Chorus)

Now it’s almost day light
And mi never get stage fright
And shi hold out all night
And shi still nah leave
And mi cyaa believe

It’s almost daylight
And I never get stage fright
Tell yuh seh shi hold out all night
Shi hold out, and shi no waan leave

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)