Bugle – Live Fi Dis Lyrics

DJ wi live fi dis
God know seh wi live fi dis
Denaro if you no waan spoil my day
When mi a have fun just get out a the way

Wi live fi theis
Wi no rich but wi live fi this
Mi know you no waan spoil my day
Mi a live my life so get out my way

(Verse 1)
Any giving day car haffi full a gas clean, clean, clean
Colone smell good, clothe clean, clean
Only wear white sox plus lox haffi wash
Cause wi no run joke wid hygiene
When wi a go a road 40’s strong
18 woman and 20 few man
Cause mi no carry none and franna no carry none
Our policy yo cyaa go a beach wid sand
Cable turn up loud
Early doe wi a chattel
Have a drink on me, yo pocket naw hackle
Wi a flass whole night but a we part bottle
Si mi yah mi naw drink
That is what mi raffle

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Shane hold the Bimma key tonight caw mi high
Know mi cyaa drive not even a go try
Caw tomorrow mi waan do the same thing again
Swear mi no inna the lame thing again
A wish all mi friend dem did deh yah who gone
Fi si how wi a live, how wi a carry on
So pore out a drink fi everyone
All the missing link
From the chain, having fun a wi day

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Swag turn up loud everyone pop mi calla
A me set the trend meck every body follow
Champagne Hennessy quick cook a swallow
Every gyal drunk and don’t spend a dollar

(Repeat Chorus)