Busy Signal – Tamara Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Gyal mi would a spend time wid yuh
Like a tree mi would a climb wid yuh
Squeeze mi tight wid the style yuh a do
Lock it gyal, lock it up, me and yuh
Gyal yo pretty like the rain bow colors
Heels weh yo in a tall like the twin towers
Under mi roots so mi give her the powers
Gyal get wet like shi in a the shower
Yes, nobody nah look
Mi turn yo page like exercise book
Squeeze mi wid the muscle mi theft it like crook
Cause nothing nah eat any how it cyaa cook
Yo tattoo so bright gyal, how yo skin clean so?
One man to yo thing some a seh yo mean so
Tun up, tun up, the whole scheme so
Hot like a fire side how yuh a steam so

Gyal giggle the jaw
To the right side jiggle the jaw
Pon the next side jiggle the jaw
Dweet in a yo heels like Lady Saw

Jiggle the jaw
Gyal stand up one place
Jiggle the jaw
Caw mi no deh yah so fi tickle yo yaaw
Mi rub down yo body like yuh in a the spa

(Verse 2)
Pose, pose, picture tek
Yo smile bright while fi dem own illiterate
Yo no get bun caw yuh no cigarette
Nikki get a ticki wid a icky
A the sexiest
In a the light meck mi si yo
Tempted to touch meck mi feel yo
Pretty likkle thing gyal mi need yo
It so clean meck mi put it pon the video
Shi never get mi vibes throw off
Grab up the supn and show off
The way shi shake ass a earth quake
Shi a gyrate, all car alarm go off
Bubble it same time while yo quint it
Dweet fast just like yuh sprinting
Then shi slow it down
Tattoo pon her back mi left mi name printing

(Repeat Chorus)

Shake like tambourine
Rough it up like mi fresh from the marine
Belly skin flat and so clean
And yuh no full a shot like magazine
Pon mi ladder couch weh mi have her up
Hug her up so mi lock her up
Shi meck mi lift, worst mi baba up
Like a phone card so mi top her up
Gyal to mi thing mi tek a wut
Pop out the false hair squeeze the throat
Mi nah kill her, trill mi rill her in the name of love
Meck shi may like a goat
A my gyal dem, trust mi a my gyal dem