Masicka – From Dem Dis Lyrics

From dem here mi seh okinks march out
From dem hear mi seh Rema march out
C**k Bern pen thugs dem a march out
The fire ever hot bwoy when you feel the torch out
From dem hear mi seh squalers march out
The big pit bull and Rat Wilders march out
Retreat shoot wi shoot people, dinesty

From dem dis mi naw talk like mi dumb
Stand up and buss it
From hi small hi no run
Mi no care weh a guide row
Or who a guide row
Waan dem waan send fi all a mi gun

Rema seh finural as morning come
Grands Pen seh funeral as morning come
Like cigarette the chigger meck shot gone in lungs
Could a big like Goliath shot fall him down

(Verse 1)
From dem dis man shot haffi clap
Shop haffi lock
Rifle chop off the top
Shot haffi drop
Soldier and cop haffi stop
Dem a frat like soda yeh flat and a gap
Mi murder people, wi a no act, a no chat
The ward big and cortrige
And brain shot round a back
Wi no haffi drop an a frock
Fi corn up yo block
Love when party a jig
That mean the corn naw go pop

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi no miss when mi aim
When the macka fire, shot a fire
Chat a prayer
Bone cruncher, lungs puncher like mi stab a tire
Funeral mother mother inna black attire
Back a quire
Wid two people fi read I am not a lire
Portmore so when dem a talk mi just play deft
And as dem stop talk spray chest
The hand gun buss head like condom
Latex naw stick
The magnum a the greatest

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)