Ryme Minister – Sick Head Lyrics


(Verse 1)
All a mi gun dem loud
Pocket full a shot a suh mi tek on the road
C4 explode marrow jump like toad
Better when dem nuff and mi just fire in a the crowd
Crowd, all a mi gun dem load up, load up
Any bwoy dis get bore up, bore up
Sis foot six send dem deh under the ground
Put a hole in a yo head like a donuts

Mi nuh know a who a boost
Chicken and foot him like a balloon dem
Blow dem up
Him did a move too fast mi haffi slow hi up
Like a wrizzla Maddens haffi roll him up

One ratchet mi use and show hi up
The way how mi cut him doctor cyaa sow him up
And mi nuh business who waan know him
Or use to spar wid him, or build him, or grow him up
And mi nuh rob people suh mi nuh tell man fi freeze
No hostage me nah hold him up
Mi just hold on pon the chigger bwoy look like strainer
The way the tek 9 bore him up

Black version a badness dem bwoy deh know mi evil
Very evil
Gun dem rise bad more than the Benz speed and Eagle
In a the vehicle shrub out

(Verse 2)
Look how mi tell the pu–y seh fi settle
Him come a tell mi seh him head hotter than a kettle
Mean while him a talk mi just wheel off the heckle
A same place him mash up like a ripe banana speckle
Him friend a try run the shotty buss him get pebble
Dem know seh mi a rebble suh mi beat hi till hi bebble
Mi run up pon the hill and left everything level
Mi send some a zion, some a hell and some a heaven
Mi press hi till hi zero open up the mac 11
A me seh black version suh mi cross and miserable
A 6 in a the barrel but yuh still a get 7
Look in a mi hand yo si mi spinners which bomboclaat devil

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)