Gage – Techno Lyrics

Meck wi deal wid it just like the matrix
Stand up one place cause mi don’t want fi waste this

Techno (repeatedly)

Techno (repeatedly)

Techno (repeatedly)
Techno (repeatedly)
Hold on pon the chigger cause wi never going to let go

(Verse 1)
We have the bigger brain
But dem a just some noloty
Tic, tic, tic, tic a nuh supn fi argue with
Cause how i mover her by her neck
And now a flow suh dynamic
It’s a invasion of this earth by everything robotic
Transformer real loud up low
Turn dem in a torna
Future of today, the future of tomorrow
And the futuristic people do not precess drama
It’s like a instagram the mount a gyal wi follow
Techno, technology
Mi pass yuh and nuh hail yuh
System error goodly fail yo
That simple mean seh mi nuh waan nobody bother mi

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
The place which path mi live do not ever look over there
Hardware, hardware, no software
Target lock, target disappear
Visionary clear fi anything appear
When mi seh robot do not think it’s a robocop
Mi wi fling a stone weh burst yo head like coconut
Meck mi tell yo how mi know a living joker that
Cause mi pass him in a the bar
In a the bar a Poker shop

(Repeat Chorus)