Blak Diamon – Stay Dreaming Lyrics

Mussi the days weh granny talk bout
Haffi buy drinking water fi the mouth
Every body broke is like a money drote
And the likkle bit a muckle cyaa shear

More time hi sick mi to how wi haffi live
It no pretty
Dem no stop raise school fee pon di pickiny dem
Mi haffi wonder a weh wi do dem

Poor people tired a the suffer, the pain
Tired a the police brutality thing
No things will never change
So it a go always remains the same

Yo work hard and still it so tough
All when wi get the pay yow it never yet enough
No things will never change
So it a go always remains the same

(Verse 1)
Big up every Dis Jack, media house and artist
Politician naw go like anytime mi talk this
Cause dem gi wi water fi carry inna basket
And when wi check it out, every year a pay tricks
Lock off wi dance wi cyaa have no niceness
Mama belly burn when shi si the crisis
Shi seh slavery never so bad, nothing like this
Dem seh dem a the chef yow wa kind a spice this

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
So wi still dreaming
Cyaa find the rent, cyaa pay the water bill
School fee alone cost bout quarter mill
Pickiny under fed and cyaa get infamil
And no money naw run, but dem waan wi fi chill
Dem gi wi crime stop number seh fi call in
Seh wi fi tell paw wi friend and get reward in
When done police a kill man without warning
Kick off mi door five o clock inna the morning

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus)