T’Nez – Hurt You No More Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Girl I know you give me the chance to prove to you over again
And I don’t do anything to make you see that I’ve change
But the difference is I know now how much you mean to me
Ever since you leave I don’t even sleep

Cause baby I miss to have you like this
Baby I miss to hold you like this
So I save my love, to knock at your door
And I promise to love you and don’t hurt you no more
Don’t hurt you no more

(Verse 2)
So many times I pick my phone up just to call you baby
So many nights I need someone just to talk to baby
And so many time I, wish you were right by
Right by my side girl
Girl your the one that I could come to
When I need someone to run to
I know I hurt you but don’t you leave me baby
Just believe me my baby, cause this feeling is crazy
I mean every word when I say

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
This is the last am sorry girl
Forget the past don’t worry girl
I won’t make no more tears fall from your eyes
You are my one and only girl
Don’t leave me lonely girl
Cause all I wanna do is see you smile
SO can you come back home girl
Cause am feeling alone girl
And when your not around girl
Am feeling down girl
I swear I’ll never let you go again

(Repeat Chorus)