Gyptian Drop Romantic Ballad “Dagger Thru My Heart”

Singer Gyptian has teamed with Donsome Records LLC/Shadyhill Music for the single Dagger Through My Heart. The song was produced by Adrian ‘Donsome’ Hanson and Peter ‘Shady’ Harrison.

In a release, Hanson explained that even though the song was recorded a few years ago, the track is now being mixed and mastered for release. It will be released on August 12.

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‘Dagger Through My Heart was recorded years ago when Shady and I first began to produce songs with Gyptian. We have done about seven tracks with him’, said Hanson.

He added ‘Working with Gyptian has always been fun for us. We always bring out a side of Gyptian in our productions that no other producer has been able to’, Hanson noted.

Dagger Through My Heart tells the story about a man who is continuously hurt by his woman and he still loves her no matter the amount of hurt he continues to experience.

Donsome Records and Shadyhill Music have combined on several projects over the years. Both entities are working on the production of reggae artiste Rage’s upcoming EP. Donsome Records will be releasing the long awaited compilation Ghetto Corner Stone Vol. 1

A number of new singles are to be released and they include songs from Khago, Rage and Beenie Man featuring Harry Toddler.

‘I’m also in the studio writing and producing songs for a number of artistes, so we have a lot of work to be released’, said Hanson.