Gage – Levels To This Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Seh dem bad well a lie dem a tell
Less yuh have a store weh badness sell
Burning sun dry the ship
A nuh car mi a fix when mi seh gimmi the tool kit
Watch the whole a dem a lip
Mi no fraid a black magic

Mi wi meck candle light up yo district
Mi wi meck yo nam bullet and piss s–t

Mi wi meck maga man get tick
Meck yo run from bullet till yo get fit

Mi wi meck butcher meck yo get thinner
Mi wi meck yo mumma nam yo fi dinner

Mi wi meck people look pon dem
Like pu–y nuh the pu–y weh man go push wood in a

(Verse 2)
Mi buss mi own gun
Head fly like baseball home run
Tell dem don’t run
Brother mi bloodclaat and daddy never grow none
Who dem mi no know none
Mi a bleach wid mi gun but dem still a tone down

Mi a no normal gun
Put the 12 pon the gage meck anybody bounce
Mi mind dutty but a dem brain wash
Drive dem suh crazy the f–ker dem crash
My calish nicaff
Meck head split like any calabash

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Nobody nuh seh nothing wait one second
Mount a duppy weh mi put paw mi left hand
Levels to what
Give mi a ladder meck mi find which level dem deh pon
A mussi the level fi build house
One a mi kitty cat done the likkle mouse
Call mi AIDS call mi disease
Dem don’t even bad like likkle crab blouse
Worst of all dem levels unbalance
Nuh haffi call gun man fi crush ants
When time man a pop gunshot
A pop dem a pop in a dem pants

(Repeat Chorus)