Deep Jahi – Feeling High Lyrics

Mi feeling high, high, high, high, high
Mi seh mi feeling high, high, high, high, high
Mi tek a one draw mi si star and moon
In a mi head the high grade play a tune

Mi feeling high, high, high, high, high

(Verse 1)
Mi tell yo bout techo hige yo cannot binol
When yo si mi spliff head catch a fire that a bitual
Hold the sacramethics
Salamonic and biblical
If a rasta man si that him burn it as a ritual
Burn it in the public dem seh what a individual
Challis full a fire people ask if a 50 cal
Mi no si no way yo wicked that mi physical
Mentally bad that when mi fal come to pivotal

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi tell yo this
Weed dead wrisla wrapped up like Islamic
If it’s not that sheet yo know it’s challis
Barry British burn it and talk in Aerobic
Espanic wid Spanish and a likkle litritromics
Him a weed master don’t bother panic
Go mine yo own business yo fast like Sonic
Eyes a bleed warrior seh coke head vanish
Dem head diverge like a plane take tonic

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
A burn weed from mi young all now mi no stop
Burn a pound a west herb the hub fi the crop
Serani asking how mi no fross
Si mi pon the road better low mi no cops
In a day mi roll up a hundred a that
Go studio, lyrics in a bundle a chat
Cyaa si mi paw road side a rubbish a rumble
No trash

(Repeat Chorus)