Chilando – Informer Lyrics

Informer, informer, watch da bwoy deh pon di block
Informer, informer, call up mi name to the cops
Informer, informer, know da bwoy deh love chat
Informer, informer, nuff information him lock

(Verse 1)
It dont take a dollar fi dem bwoy deh call yo name
And when dem call yo name everyone know on the main
Lippy, lippy, like a gyal
Dem wi chat yo just fi fame
Information travel quick and dem tek it for a game

Style dem follow, dem wi sell out yo life
Fi less than a dollar
All when yuh and dem a come from far
Dem waan si yo body pon tar

Follow, follow, dem wi sell out yo life
Fi less than a dollar, dollar
And it no matter how long yuh and dem spar

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Bwoy a send text message
A send Gmail
A meck phone call
But the call fail
What a bwoy can chat
Him all a send fox
Like a boat information nuh stop sail
Get page wid cement and wall nail
Circle the block caw the bwoy him cyaa tame
Suh wi meck a mad move and clear the endz
Him wid friends, yeh wi real links here

Dem bwoy deh love chat
Dem bwoy deh no real to the link
Dem bwoy deh love chat
And dem quicker than the lash weh yo bling
Dem bwoy deh love chat
In a pit dem waan si yo sink
Suh watch the food yo eat
Plus liquor weh yo drink

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)