RDX – Wurla Glue Lyrics

Love how yo quint it
Like when supn catch in a yo eye
God kill mi fi mi a tell yuh a lie
Pretty girl

(Verse 1)
Mi no shame fi seh yes in a public
Gyal a yo tight pum, pum, meck mi come quick
When yo si man act fool, fool, and love sick
A just the tight pum, pum, weh meck hi come quick
Although mi love how yo deal wid the fudge stick
A the tight pum, pum, meck mi come quick
And when yo skin it out, and back it up, and bumflick
Yo meck the man start do some dumb sh–

Girl a you hold mi wid the world a glue
And when mi seh yo pu–y a the bestest
Every word a true

Pretty girl a you
Hold mi wid the world a glue
And if yuh ever give it weh mi swear seh
Mi would a murder you

(Verse 2)
Baby listen when mi seh the first thing
Then si anybody come first win
When me and yuh a touch skin
And yo start squeeze up yo muscle
The face get ugly like the duckling
When yo climb the tree and bruk lim
Grab mi wid yo tight up thing
And yo clean a no virus thing

Baby squeeze mi tight like yo glad fi si mi
Long out yo tongue like a bad pickney
Use mi left hand and choke yo
Use mi right hand a motion mi titty
Mix romance wid hostility
Yeh this a big people activity
Gyal yo glam killing mi

(Repeat Chorus)