Christopher Martin – Jah Light Lyrics

Jah let your stars shine bright
An let the world see this light
Just let your wings of change grow
An heal the world as it grow

(Verse 1)
The gates are as determine not to fail
You never give up, you never lose our way nooo
I have no fear let Jah Jah lead the way
Dark clouds roll away to a brighter day
So when you going out an you coming in
Never forget to hail the mighty king
Cause he’s the giver of life that give you lengthed days
So don’t be afraid to give him all a the praise

Never give up, never give in
The devil a fight but a you have the wings
So him is brighter than light
Jah is my everything
Listen to the song I sing

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Yea out in the wilderness alone
Jah will never leave you alone
Whenever I am feeling down
Jah puts mi on a higher ground
So before mi meck a step
Mi give him the thanks an praise mi no fi get
Go through the valleys an the shadow of death
Jah Jah never fail I yet

(Repeat Chorus 2X)