Ryme Minista – Grey Sky Blue Lyrics

My girl, you have the style weh mi want
Wine paw mi c–key bruk out like yo in a dance
Yo thing up, up, and advance
No a dem no have a chance

When yo wine and tip up meck mi pants front lift up
Mi stiff up suh ready fi the f–k
Wine go down and get up
Jump up and lift up
Da gyal yah bad yo f–k

Gyal mi seh a you
You know the style and the things weh fi
Body clean and right, pu–y tight like glue
One time mi learn the truth
And mi couldn’t cut and go through

Mi haffi stick on to you
Some gyal miserable sicky, sicky, like flu
If a comfortable you no know wa fi do
All when a stop time mi a go through
You know weh fi do fi meck mi grey sky blue

(Verse 1)
In a the early Morning shi give mi a early one
Roll over paw mi, turn mi on
Mi full charge up ready fi the early storm
F–k till bed pop down, the tv mash up, all the curtain gone
Shi have white liver like a coolie
And the way shi bubble, bubble, like a unicorn
No under 18 no schoolers, no uniform
No child molesting, god know that couldn’t gwaan
Gyal lay nuff like a sea sand
Fi pass dem round and shoot dem round like a swing song
Shrub out, shi could a thick like a king kong
Mi ride her off like leyland

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Like mi car mi waan yo steer close
Kotch pon the side yeh da wine deh boast
Way yo f–k mi yo deserve a trophy
And mi no haffi tell yo wa fi do cause yo know how fi
Use yo tight, tight and hold mi
You mi seh only, mi nah left yo lonely
All when mi love yo pu–y bad, bad
Still cyaa clown mi, pu–y cyaa control mi

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus)